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Myndoc Gypssoffla BREED
Sheltie D/B
14 February 1998
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Dalsetter D’Rothschild DAM
Myndoc Living Doll
Mrs J Cooke
Gypsy was gifted to us when she was 14 months old. She came from a very well known breeder who, for various reasons, was not going to show her again and she wanted to re-home her with Mary knowing that she would not only have a good home but also Mary would not waste her talents. On Mary’s Cabaret Nights, she was the star of the show with her exploits whilst Mary was demonstrating clicker training.

She has won out of Novice obedience and won Novice and intermediate agility classes. She would sell her soul for a bit of food which is handy when it comes to training.

Gypsy left us in January 2012

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