conocer chicas vizcaya KC REGISTERED NAM citas de hombres tontos E
Obedience Champion Lunarlite Lady in Red
studio opzioni binarie BREED
Working Sheepdog D/B
9 January 1995 SIRE
Moonlight Chocolate Buttons
flirter meaning in urdu DAM
Moonlight It’s Wicked
Mrs C Bolton
Kizzy was from Chris Bolton who is very well known for her Working Sheepdog lines under the Moonlight and Lunarlite names and was a granddaughter of our Mr Chips. She worked Championship Class in Obedience, she won 12 Kennel Club Obedience Challenge Certificates and 6 reserves. She was also an Advanced Agility dog and qualified for the Olympia Agility finals on many occasions was a co-performer with Quincy in Freestyle/Heelwork to Music, having performed in major competitions and in the Main Ring at Crufts Dog Show. Kizzy perfomed the first ever main ring routine at Crufts to Riverdance with Mary in 1997.

Kizzy left us in the Autumn of 2010

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