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Myndoc Simply Teena
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Shetland Sheepdog
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20 July 1995 COLOUR
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Tina was owned Shirley Turner and she was Marys stepdaughter for about 3 years !! Mary had a great deal of success running her in Agility hence she came to live with us to enable Mary to maximise her potential which included qualifying for the Olympia finals on several occasions.In 2004 Mary and Teena won the Crufts Mini Agility Championships, in fact under Mary Tina became the first ever Sheltie Agility Champion and also competed for TeamGB at the World Agility Championships in France. When she retired from Agility she returned to her real Mum Shirley !!

Sildenafil Citrate generika billig bestellen Teena left Shirley in 2010

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