Heelwork to Music – Mary’s Way: The Advanced Freestyle Moves


This video starts with Mary’s stunning “Top Hat” routine from Crufts 2001 filmed live before an audience of 5,000 spectators in the Main Ring at Crufts.

As the name suggests, this video goes through the more advanced Freestyle moves some of which are working two dogs, walking backwards, reversing between your legs, standing on back legs, high fives, face and target training etc. It also goes into more advanced methods of training with a clicker including how you can train the advanced moves with a clicker and also how to use free time to your advantage.

The video finishes with excerpts from Mary’s very popular “Canine Cabaret Night”. Mary has entertained audiences throughout the United Kingdom with this magical three hour show where she demonstrates exactly what her dogs are capable of and her training methods, sometimes in the most amusing way. It also illustrates the superb relationship she has with her dogs.

Running time: Approx 110 minutes

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