On Course to Excel by Greg Derret


    ‘On Course to Excel’ is the fourth DVD in Greg Derrett’s series on dog agility training and follows on directly from ‘The Winning Combination’. This DVD covers the final stages of Greg’s internationally renowned handling system. Following on from the handling required to take you to the highest level shown in ‘The Winning Combination’,  Greg takes you through the training of combining these handling manoeuvres.  Course analysis and handling is discussed in full with the theory of how to make decisions on course relating to the dogs fastest path.  Courses taken from recent national and international events are analysed and handling strategy is discussed and explained.  Each course is then run to show you the theory and methods in practice.  The DVD finishes with Greg sharing insight into some of his runs at the highest level.  Not only the successful runs but runs that went wrong and the reasons why.  This DVD will help you take all the information presented in the previous DVDs and give you and your dog the skills and knowledge to excel on any agility course.

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