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News Update:

I could say that I’m a little late with the update but it doesn’t really describe it as it’s only around a year late! Some serious holes in this with shows missed out through lack of typing time. The big news about Crufts is that Mary has been told that the Kennel Club have decided […]


Pepsi was Mary’s first dog and first Lurcher, pictured when Pepsi was 8 years old and Mary was just 18 years old, Mary was 10 years old when she had him and she refers to him as a dog in a lifetime. Also pictured one of Mary’s horse’s.


KC REGISTERED NAME Girlin Boston Boy BREED Papillon D/B Dog COLOUR B W Tri DATE OF BIRTH 1991 BREEDER Nancy Hutchings Woody was a great character as Paps are, and kept the rest of the dogs in good order. He won out of Novice in Obedience and was very popular in Mary’s demonstrations.Woody left us in the spring […]


KC REGISTERED NAME Pepperland Hot Chocolate BREED Border Collie D/B Dog DATE OF BIRTH 20th November 1980 COLOUR Brown & White SIRE Mr Chips DAM Sadghyll Kizzy at Pepperland BREEDER Lesley Samuels Whizz was the son of our Mr Chips. He was the winner of 2 reserve Kennel Club Obedience Challenge Certificates, Qualified for the Olympia Agility Finals […]


KC REGISTERED NAME Mr Chips BREED Border Collie D/B Dog DATE OF BIRTH 10 February 1979 COLOUR Brown & White SIRE Toss DAM Merle BREEDER Morgan A very handsome bold dog who we fell in love with at first sight in the litter, both Mary and Chip had a meteoric rise from beginners to Championship Obedience in a […]


KC REGISTERED NAME Royale Dash BREED Border Collie D/B Dog DATE OF BIRTH 6th August 1989 COLOUR Brown & White SIRE Royale Roy (132633) DAM Royale Sara (116985) BREEDER John Winstone Dash was a Advanced Agility dog, worked Championship Obedience and qualified for the Olympia Agility Fianls, He also won both the Barbour Pairs Agility Finals and the […]


KC REGISTERED NAME La-Femme Sacha BREED Lurcher D/B Dog DATE OF BIRTH 1978 COLOUR Brindle & White We had Sacha the year we got married in 1978 and she was the first Dog Mary took to Rugby Dog Training Club, It was apparent that even with Mary’s skills it was going to be difficult to see a lucher progressing […]


KC REGISTERED NAME Blue Moovie BREED Lurcher D/B Dog DATE OF BIRTH 7th July 1987 COLOUR Blue We have always had a Lurcher they are such good company to have around, Blue was Daves best mate and he had a play at Agility & Obedience but nothing serious.Blue left us in 2002.


KC REGISTERED NAME Myndoc Simply Teena BREED Shetland Sheepdog D/B Bitch DATE OF BIRTH 20 July 1995 COLOUR Tricolour SIRE Penrave Private Eye DAM Moville Mirinda BREEDER Josene Cooke Tina was owned Shirley Turner and she was Marys stepdaughter for about 3 years !! Mary had a great deal of success running her in Agility hence she came […]


KC REGISTERED NAME Obedience Champion Red Hot Toddy BREED Border Collie D/B Dog DATE OF BIRTH 24th March 1983 COLOUR Brown & White SIRE Mr Chips DAM Trickalix Lass Of Rockarna BREEDER Ann Rogers He won 23 Kennel Club Obedience Challenge Certificates and 17 reserves (runner ups ) Toddy was the winner of the Obedience Championships at Crufts in […]


KC REGISTERED NAME Obedience Champion Minack Red Aral BREED Belgian Shepherd Tervueren D/B Bitch DATE OF BIRTH 28th September 1985 SIRE Kyann Dianysus DAM Limburg Anuschka BREEDER Jane & Steve Edwards Roxy was the first ever BSD Obedience Champion, the 1st to qualify for Crufts and of course the 1st to win Crufts. She won 19 Kennel Club […]


KC REGISTERED NAME Minack Bright River BREED Belgian Shepherd D/B Dog DATE OF BIRTH 1st August 1988 SIRE Kyann Dionysus DAM Limburg Anuschka BREEDER Mrs Edwards Blitz was a repeat mating of Roxy he competed in Agility and also competed in Championship Obedience Classes before his retirement. Blitz left us in the summer of 2003


KC REGISTERED NAME Obedience Champion Lunarlite Lady in Red BREED Working Sheepdog D/B Bitch DATE OF BIRTH 9 January 1995 SIRE Moonlight Chocolate Buttons DAM Moonlight It’s Wicked BREEDER Mrs C Bolton Kizzy was from Chris Bolton who is very well known for her Working Sheepdog lines under the Moonlight and Lunarlite names and was a granddaughter of […]


KC REGISTERED NAME Myndoc Gypssoffla BREED Sheltie D/B Bitch DATE OF BIRTH 14 February 1998 SIRE Dalsetter D’Rothschild DAM Myndoc Living Doll BREEDER Mrs J Cooke Gypsy was gifted to us when she was 14 months old. She came from a very well known breeder who, for various reasons, was not going to show her again and she […]


KC REGISTERED NAME Obedience Champion Woodsorrel Red Wine BREED Border Collie D/B Dog DATE OF BIRTH 6 April 1997 SIRE Royale Dash DAM Woodsorrel Sorreline Red Russet BREEDER Mrs C Blakiston Son of our Dash and Mary’s first dog from the Woodsorrel breeding and has worked Championship Class in Obedience, having won 9 Kennel Club Obedience Challenge Certificates […]


KC REGISTERED NAME Obedience Champion Woodsorrel Red Devil BREED Border Collie D/B Dog DATE OF BIRTH 29 July 1999 – February 2014 SIRE Royale Dash DAM Woodsorrel Sorreline Red Russet BREEDER Mrs C Blakiston Son of our Dash and full brother to Quincy from a repeat mating, he has a super temperament and loves a good cuddle, Taz […]


KC REGISTERED NAME Cheeky Chico BREED Chihuahua D/B Dog DATE OF BIRTH 20 June 2008 – June 2014 COLOUR Red & White BREEDER Elaine David What can you say about Chico?! He is certainly ‘Cheeky’ he is one of the stars of Mary’s evening shows and he bosses the other dogs about!!


KC REGISTERED NAME Raysolong Red Zone BREED Working Sheepdog D/B Bitch DATE OF BIRTH 2nd May 1998 COLOUR Blue Merle SIRE Col Along DAM Lunarlite Lunartic BREEDER Mrs M Jennings Zoe was out of a litter born to Kizzy’s sister. She has won 2 Novice obedience classes and worked Senior Agility, She was also a member of a […]


KC REGISTERED NAME Cheekie Girl Of Valgrays BREED Working Sheepdog D/B Bitch COLOUR Black & White DATE OF BIRTH 22nd September 2009 BREEDER Leon Smith Lexi was owned by a 80 year lady who could not cope with her (not at all surprised!) , She did the right thing and had her Couriered up to Valgrays for re-homing […]


KC REGISTERED NAME Obay Caught Red handed BREED Shetland Sheepdog D/B Dog COLOUR Tricolour DATE OF BIRTH 2nd Novenber 2006 SIRE DK.Ag.Ch. DK.SP, CH Toven Touch Me If You Can DAM Agility Champion Obay Truly Balanced BREEDER Bernadette O Bay Ozzie is a great character, He works grade 4 Agility and is working Class “B” in Obedience, He […]


KC REGISTERED NAME Looney Rooney BREED Lurcher (half Border Collie and half Whippet) D/B Dog DATE OF BIRTH 19 April 2004 SIRE Nevedith Zedfa Zappa At Aquilegia DAM Aquilgia Fools And Horses BREEDER John Waterfield We have aways had a Lurcher and Rooney is a great character to have with us, does not do much work but in […]


KC REGISTERED NAME Obedience Champion Red Hot Foxy Music BREED Working Sheepdog D/B Bitch DATE OF BIRTH 211September 2002 SIRE Obedience Champion Woodsorrel Red Wine (Quincy) DAM Flynntastic Heaven Scent BREEDER Mrs B Head Foxy has a strong obedience background, In her 5 generation pedigree there are 9 Obedience champions including a Crufts winner. Foxy was sired by […]


KC REGISTERED NAME Colliewood Blue Jeans BREED Working Sheepdog D/B Dog DATE OF BIRTH 27 September 2005 COLOUR Blue Merle SIRE WT CH Waggerland Fizz. CDX, UDX, WDX, TDX, PDX (Blue Merle) DAM Forest Sprite Psyche. CDX (Tri) BREEDER Mr Paul Anderson Levi has four Working Trial Champions in his pedigree and nine Obedience Champions, three English National […]